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Why Join

It's easy to see why dentists would choose the Gendus group practice environment:

  • Your Decisions

    • Placement in an existing mature practice  

    • Choice of preferred Location

    • Do your own Treatment Planning

    • No Corporate Branding

  • Your Growth

    • Learn from a seasoned dentist

    • Buy–in opportunities

    • Retention of mature, existing staff

  • Your Future

    • Guaranteed Salary

    • Bonus Structure for team

    • Student Loan Interest Reduction - Our special student loan consolidation program that allows interest rate reduction and better repayment schedules

    • Profit Participation


Stories from Gendus Partners

Dr. P was a senior at UA School of Dentistry in Birmingham, Alabama. She wanted to practice in the Florida panhandle and because of student loan debt, was not ready to acquire a practice. She hoped that she could affiliate with an existing practice and “learn the ropes” while paying down her student debt. A year later, Dr. P has consolidated her student debt and is progressively paying it down while working in her thriving practice.

Dr. P , Recent Dental School Graduate

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: : Gendus Will Pay

  • ADA dues up to $1,000 per year

  • CEU allowance of $500 per year

  • 100% Malpractice Insurance

  • 100% DEA License

  • 100% Business License

  • 100% Hygienist State Licenses

  • Individual Health Insurance

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